Who are „we“?
Pirates Without Borders (PWB), also known as Pirates Sans Frontiers (PSF) in French or Piraten ohne Grenzen (POG) in German. PWB are a connection of individual Pirates from all over the world. Of course, the PWB support the work of PPI and PPEU and cooperate with them whereever possible and requested, as their mission is similar to ours. The structural and funtional difference is tharPPI and PPEU are connections of worldwide and European Pirate Parties.
We currently have about 120 members from various countries. The current board consists of President Sebastian Schwarzweller, Administration Moira Brülisauer and Treasurer Pat Mächler.

What is PWB’s mission?
Our slogan is „Iocus et contumacia“, which can be translated as „Joy and Pride“. Pirates from all over the world are united in their party commitment, and we want to create the structures to make that commitment even more rewarding, more effective, and simply more convenient. Also, on a bigger scale, we consider it a part of our mission to participate in shaping and defining a global „Pirate identity“ by sharpening the profile on the one hand, while raising awareness for the international character of the pirate movement on the other.

How do we do that?
First of all, we bring people together – be it in special presentations, in conferences or trainings for certain teams, or sometimes in events just for fun and social life. The more people from all over the world we can bring together, the better. Currently, this is a grassroots progress, but in the long term we plan to establish international coordinators who can report about the state of their own countries as well as give short abstracts of the countries general assemblys etc.
As Pirates, we also emphasize the importance of web and software material. Therefore, we support projects with an international focus. In the long run, we want to launch our own software projects for everyone.
Of course, we also simply state our opinion about international politics. We want to promote awareness about international trade agreements, the economic and ecological effects of globalization, and the state of human rights in various countries.